Lyn and Kerry Sixtus quite simply live in paradise with a lot of history, on the Onawe peninsula in the Akaroa Harbour.

As you drive to Akaroa from Christchurch and come over the top of the old volcano crown (appropriately called the Hilltop), and people stop and take in the view, right in the middle of the panorama jutting out into the Akaroa harbour sits our property, Onawe. It's here that we have our Miniature Hereford Stud called appropriately enough Onawe.

Miniature Herefords

Lyn and Kerry were lucky enough to be able to purchase some cows from a range of existing studs, and were very privileged to be asked to continue the breeding work undertaken by the late Janet Poole, when Janet’s family gave us an opportunity to purchase her stock.

We think the cows love it, fantastic views to fill their hearts as they graze happily on the pastures, horses for friends, people to give them a scratch (and a bale of hay is always a welcome addition).

We have our first crop of calves on the ground in 2019, exciting, and actually a big learning curve for us.

Onawe Miniature Hereford Stud

Riarma Quarter Horse Stud

Lyn has a well established Quarterhorse Stud called Riarma (she has had a love of horses all her life), full of imported bloodlines from America, and this has been her passion for many years.

We have the stud cows, these being a lot less demanding than horses and Lyn is slowly retiring from breeding horses.

There will always be horses on the property, the older broodmares can graze here and be well cared for, for the rest of their lives.

Riarma Quarter Horse Stud

Toy Australian Shepherds

Toy Australian Shepherds

Lyn has also just imported a Toy Australian Shepherd from the US, and she has another two on the way, and she is looking forward to introducing this breed of dog to NZ, and breeding some puppies, something she has wanted to do from when this breed inspired her over 20 years ago.

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We also have a lovely pair of full size Australian Shepherds, fantastic pets and oh so smart (they know how to open multiple doors when Kerry leaves the house and sneak into the bedroom without making a sound!!!)

We have lots of animals, a wildlife sanctuary pond with tame ducks that get fed every night (no duck shooting on this pond!!), pheasants and quail roaming the place, a couple of very happy chickens who lay two eggs every day, goats, cats and dogs, the cows and the horses. Talk about a menagerie!

Kerry comes from a farming background (but is a nurseryman), his family business Pattullo’s Nurseries is based in Hawke’s Bay, but he lives at Onawe with Lyn because we quite simply love it (and their seven children and the grandchildren love the place as well!)

We put a lot of pride and love into our property, planting trees and native plants, making this place called Onawe something that future generations of NZers will appreciate.

Australian Shepherds

Riarma Quarter Horse Stud